About the Center

How it works

Aligning with the mission of The College of Saint Rose, the Cold Case Analysis Center provides training and experience to students in unsolved case analysis while forming relationships with community agencies and contributing resources to local and state law enforcement to address their cold case initiatives.

  1. The Center provides education in forensic science, the law, and criminal investigation techniques drawn from psychology and criminology.
  2. In addition to assisting on cold case investigations, student participants learn investigation skills and become better acquainted with the cold case problem and its challenges to professionals, such as forensic psychologists, criminologists, criminal investigators, and forensic scientists.

Centering on community

Student participants also see the human side of the cold case problem by working with local nonprofit agencies on fundraisers related to the problem.

A nation-wide effort

Although the center is the only one of its kind in New York State, similar programs have been developed nationwide between law enforcement and colleges and universities in Miami; Charlotte and Fayetteville, North Carolina; and Colorado Springs and Golden, Colorado.

Students at other universities have worked as interns within law enforcement agencies to assist with investigative efforts, such as file review and case organization, and have also assisted agencies with addressing local cold case resolution initiatives, including developing digital video for cold case websites and cold case playing cards.

Current Cold Cases

Our interns are currently working on unsolved homicides and missing persons cases. These cases stretch back decades — the focus is to spread awareness and keep these stories alive.

Download the Guide

Download the Guide

Download our guide to learn about our current cases, internships, and more.