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Cold Case Analysis Center at The College of Saint Rose

The only center of its kind in New York State — and one of only six nationally — the Cold Case Analysis Center (CCAC) allows selected students from The College of Saint Rose’s criminal justice, behavior and law, forensic science, and forensic psychology degree programs to work on real cold case investigations.

CCAC aims to address this mounting problem in the criminal justice system through diligent training.

Cold Case Investigation Training

Student participants at the Cold Case Analysis Center see the human side of cold case investigations by working with local nonprofit agencies on fundraisers designed to provide the capital needed to support investigations and provide training.

What It Means to Work a Cold Case

  1. Students have described catching the “cold case bug,” a euphemism for their determination to find new information on their assigned cases while participating in the forensic science internship program.
  2. Some students are assigned as case leaders in charge of coordinating their group’s activities. Serving as a leader helps them develop confidence, especially when the group successfully becomes an effective unit.
  3. The center’s media presence cultivates CCAC students’ communication skills as part of their cold case internship, which improves their ability to effectively share their ideas with the community.
  4. Through law enforcement partnerships, students learn to follow the essential legal rules and processes that must be respected in every investigation. This ensures the quality of each investigation is retained, and all chain of custody guidelines are met.

Internship Opportunities

All cold case investigation training takes place under the guidance of our expert faculty and in partnership with local law enforcement agencies.

Unsolved Upstate New York Cold Cases

Members of our cold case analysis program are currently working on unsolved homicides and missing persons cases. Some of these cases stretch back decades. The focus is on spreading awareness and keeping the victims’ stories alive while attempting to solve the crimes.

Upstate Unsolved Podcast

The Upstate Unsolved investigative podcast airs on WGY and iHeartRadio and goes beyond the headlines of Upstate NY’s unsolved crimes. The podcast operates in partnership with The Cold Case Analysis Center at The College of Saint Rose.

Kaitlin McCarthy ’21
Forensic psychology major with a minor in criminal justice

What Students Say

“Being a part of the Cold Case Analysis Center has been an amazing opportunity. Having access to real-life unsolved cases and applying skills we have learned in past classes is an experience I’ll never forget. This has been a great stepping stone for me on my way to pursue a career in law enforcement.”

Cold Case Guide

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Download Guide 2023

Download our guide to learn about our current cases, internships, and more.