The Cases

Current Unsolved Capital Region Cold Cases

Our interns are currently working on unsolved homicides and missing persons cases. These cases stretch back decades — the focus is to spread awareness and keep these stories alive.

The Missing Child Case of Jaliek Rainwalker

Most recently, the CCAC has taken on the missing case of Jaliek Rainwalker. On November 2, 2007, Jaliek at age 12, went missing from his residence in Greenwich, New York. In 2012, the case was elevated from “missing child” to “probable child homicide.”

The Disappearance of Suzanne Lyall

Suzanne Lyall was a computer science college student the same age as some of the current students at CCAC. She disappeared at the university down the road from Saint Rose on March 2, 1998. There are many theories and suspects related to her disappearance, but little is known about what actually happened to Lyall.

The Unsolved Murder of Ruth Whitman

The students are also working on a 60-year-old unsolved homicide case of Ruth Whitman. Eighteen-year-old Whitman was found face down in a drainage ditch on Sandcreek Road in Colonie, New York in 1959. Her case has taken many twists and turns and is now in the hands of the CCAC.

Upstate Unsolved Podcast

A WGY and iHeartRadio investigative podcast going beyond the headlines of Upstate NY’s unsolved crimes, in partnership with The Cold Case Analysis Center at The College of Saint Rose.

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Download the Guide

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